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    Routing SSL requests through to embedded tomcat via modjk

    Jim Newbie


      I have a working jboss3.0.8 + embedded tomcat4.1.24 configuration which serves requests via a modjk workers on a seperate apache webserver installation.

      I have followed the SSLSetup wiki and have found that it works but only if I use 'localhost' as a replacement for my server name in the browsers URL locator. (i.e. 'https://localhost:{mysslport}/sslTest.htm' works)

      How do I enable my domain name to work instead of 'localhost'?

      As a guess, I tried changing the 'name' attribute of my 'Host' element within tomcat41-service.xml but to no avail(errors on jboss startup). I inserted an additional channel.socket into my workers2.properties to cater for SSL port requests but, again, I'm guessing here and its still not working.

      Firewall has an opening for the ssl port's traffic.

      Any help is appreciated.