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    inv3r53 d Novice

      i didnt get exactly what a4j:push does from the documentation.

      where can i find some example of it?


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          inv3r53 d Novice

          any one? :(

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            Florian Marwede Expert


            I don't know if we read the same document. What about this:

            "The main difference between <a4j:push> and <a4j:poll> components is that <a4j:push> makes request
            to minimal code only (not to JSF tree) in order to check the presence of messages in the queue. If a message
            exists, a complete request will be performed. The component doesn't poll registered beans but registers
            EventListener which receives messages about events."

            In my words: push is something like a poll that only rerenders its components if something changed. But you're right, the documentation is short. Nice to have: a better example to use that.