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    How to redirect after a https login page to the usual http U

    Jody Threet Newbie


      I have setup jboss 3.2.7 with embedded tomcat 5.0.

      I am using the default ports 8443 and 8080 so I can run jboss as non-priveledged user.

      iptables is forwarding 443 and 80 to 8443 and 8080 respectively, and only ports 80 and 443 are exposed to the web.

      I can login via web with https (on normal port 443), but after login i don't need https, so the application redirects to http://my.app.com:8080/ instead of http://my.app.com/

      How can I tell jboss/tomcat to redirect (after https) to the usual http URL (with port 80) instead of 8080, but still listen on 8080?

      Thanks a gob (or 2 if it is really easy :).