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    Conversion from Exadel "Getting started" with JSF and Hibern

    Neil McFarlane Novice

      Hello. I've been trying to figure out the best way how I can integrate Hibernate with my JSF project (it's a proof of concept project, so I'm using Red Hat Developer Studio).

      Exadel has a guide on this topic (http://www.exadel.com/exadelstudio/gs/JSFHibernateGettingStarted.pdf), but the example application (http://webdownload.exadel.com/dirdownloads/ormhib/examples/ormHibernate3-jsf.zip) is no longer available.

      Is there another guide available on integrating Hibernate with JSF? Failing that, is there an archive where I might be able to find this file or another demo file that has the two properly integrated?