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    DBLoginModule and corresponding tables

    Josh Reeves Newbie


      Please, help me to understand the following:
      Admin guide (Ch. 8, p. 286) states:

      The DatabaseServerLoginModule is based on two logical tables:
      Table Principals(PrincipalID text, Password text)
      Table Roles(PrincipalID text, Role text, RoleGroup text)

      OK. Clear enough. However, later, on p. 287 one can read:

      As an example DatabaseServerLoginModule configuration, consider a custom table schema like the following:
      CREATE TABLE Users(username VARCHAR(64) PRIMARY KEY, passwd VARCHAR(64))
      CREATE TABLE UserRoles(username VARCHAR(64), userRoles VARCHAR(32))

      My Q's: where did RoleGroup go (UserRoles has only 2 columns now)?
      Am I missing smth?

      Many thanks!