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    Running JUnit test cases for LoginModules?

    Aaron Novice

      I am attempting to create a new LDAPLoginModule which will allow for redundant LDAP servers. However, I think my configuration for LDAPLoginModule is wrong, so I need that working before I can build onto it.

      I found a testCase to help me on my way with testing, but I'm not sure how to launch it, as I'm still learning JUnit. I would imagine it requires "in-container" testing, but not sure. Can someone give me a hand with how to launch http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/attach?page=LdapExtLoginModule%2FLoginModulesTestCase.java found on the LDAPLogin Wiki?

      Once I can launch the test case, I can test several scenarios, and then I can build onto the LDAPLoginModule, and test my new code.

      I would love any guidance with using JUnit with JBoss. Even a link to general JBoss testing would be a start. It's unfortunate that the JBoss Developer's notebook didn't include that. Wishlist maybe?

      Thank you!!


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          Aaron Novice

          My apologies everyone. I was trying to run a testCase in Eclipse, but it kept bombing out on me and thought there was some "special way" of unit-testing JBoss security. My assumption was, since the project was using JBoss-IDE, all the required libraries should have been there.

          Poor assumption. Make sure to add the jbosssx.jar from the server/configuration/lib directory.

          Sorry all! Dumb mistake!