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    login-config works, but not with MD5

    stefan burkard Newbie

      hi there

      I've got a problem with the login-configuration (DatabaseServerLoginModule) of jboss - as soon as I use md5-hashed passwords.

      for testing purposes, I have a mix of hashed and cleartext passwords in my database.

      when I comment out the following line in login-config.xml, I can successfully log in with all accounts that have a clear-text password.
      <module-option name="hashAlgorithm">MD5</module-option>

      but when I activate the md5-line in login-config, I can't log in with accounts that have hashed password (and of course with clear-text-passwords it doesn't work too)

      if I hash the word "test" to md5 and encode it with base64 (according to docs standard for md5 in jboss) I get "098F6BCD4621D373CADE4E832627B4F6" with standard 32 characters.

      any help would be fine. thanks in advance.