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    A4j in richfaces 3.1.0 and trinidad 1.2.1

    Thai Dang Vu Apprentice

      With the a4j in richfaces 3.1.0, do I have to build a separate a4j-trinidad.jar to use with trinidad 1.2.1?

      I just checkout the a4j with svn, then go to trunk/a4j-trinidad and run mvn clean install and errors occur.

      Does anybody have a working example of richfaces 3.1.0 and trinidad 1.2.1 (or at least the configuration files like web.xml, faces-config.xml, trinidad-config.xml ....)?

      Thanks so much for any of your help.

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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          It looks like you are only one who cares about it.
          I am not a big fun and/or expert in trinidad. My interest here is only formal. mvn install should work there.

          We have enhanced the resource subframework. This was a main motivation why special extensions for Seam and Trinidad used to be required.
          It has solved the problem with Seam. What about Trinidad - it has to be tested. Looks like you are the one who can ;-)

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            Thai Dang Vu Apprentice

            :) If I'm the only one who can, then Red Hat should employ me.

            Seriously, the reason I care about Trinidad is that it has a file upload component and a powerful tree table. Somebody from JBoss (maybe you, I don't remember exactly) told me that the tree table component is under plan, but when?

            About the file upload component, I was able to use the one from Tomahawk with richfaces but then I would be very embarrassed if our customer asked why I used tomahawk and richfaces together. I would say because richfaces doesn't have that component. Then they would continue with if that library doesn't have a necessary and quite basic component like a file upload, why do you choose them? Because of its beautiful skin is my answer.

            Does anybody using richfaces never have a need of uploading a file or showing data in a tree table?