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    does ejbCreate() require a permission

    vinay venk Newbie


      i've written a stateless bean and i've given permissions to some of the methods in the bean.
      i've written a customloginmodule that authenticates the user and the getRoleSets method retrieves roles from the database.

      the login happens fine but as soon as i invoke any of the ejb methods, i get an error stating that no permissions on the create method

      java.lang.SecurityException: Insufficient method permissions, principal=mackju, ejbName=ResultsSes, method=create
      interface=HOME, requiredRoles=[], principalRoles=[WebsiteUser, ResultWriter, ResultReader]

      in the ejb-jar.xml if i add

      <method-permission >



      everything works fine.

      this effectively means that i need to provide permissions for all the callback methods as well which is not appropriate

      can anyone tell me if i'm missing anything in any of the config files?

      thanks Vinay