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    Custom login module issues.

    Senthil Kumar M Rangaswamy Newbie

      I wrote a servlet to do my login check. where i call logincontext.login(). and based on the exception i conclude the success of the login. My problem is, even after a successfull login, the roles that i get using getRoleSet() is not set in the request. request.isUserinRole() method return false. Am sure that the getRoleSet() is called.
      I tried doing the same using VALVE, after seaching this forum. Still i have the same problem. the roles defined are not set in the request. can you please help me in this situation.
      Is there any thing else i have to do with the login module like registering or configuring. Please help.
      And i also need to write a custom authenticator. is there any tutorials to do that.

      Senthil kumar M Rangaswamy