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    Complete configuration of JAAS on JBOSS 4.0.2 and STRUTS

    Ramzy Jelassi Newbie


      I have been trying to implement authentication using JAAS in my Struts based application running on JBoss 4.0.2. But Unluckily i don't have positive results at all :(..

      The application consists of some actions implemented using Struts, and some session and entity EJBs implementing the business logic. I am interested in granting my application "Store" a database authentication allowing or not users to access it user to access them. I am using oracle 9i as a database server and i have the suffiscient tables to store users informations as showh in many documensst .

      Can you help me to find a step by step method to grant my application the suitable security using a DatabaseServerLoginModule ? i followed this example but i don't have positive result at all :( :


      I am using in my login.jsp a j_security_check action so how can i put all this together to make it !! i spent 3 days without finding the solution !! i really did exactly what si mentionned in the document in the url above !! but i am still unable to test the authentication !!