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    Using custom JACC provider with JBoss 4.0.2

    Ales Krestan Newbie


      I have configured a custom JACC provider developed for WAS 6.0 that comprises a custom policy class and custom policy configuration factory. The problem is that JBoss treats the content of the deployment descriptors differently from WAS:

      WAS puts all EJB methods for which there is no role specified in DD to "unchecked" policy using PolicyConfiguration.addToUncheckedPolicy() and the EJB methods, which are expressly forbidden by the <exclude-list> element in DD to "excluded" policy using PolicyConfiguration.addToExcludedPolicy().

      JBoss puts both the types of method, i.e those with no role specified as well as those under <exclude-list> to "excluded" policy, which IMO makes it impossible for the policy class to distinguish between the two cases.

      Please let me know if you have any opinion on this topic.