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    My LoginModule needs more than just j_username and j_passwor

    Nigel White Newbie

      I have written a custom login module to authenticate against our legacy (and it's really old, and non-standard!) back end.

      This needs a company name parameter from the login form - in fact, it needs to be able to access the HttpSession to get and set attributes in it..

      Now that I am trying to use container-handled FORM based authentication, I can't get this information.

      Before I did form based auth, I used to use a Filter, and have the filter invoke a JSP when it detected an unlogged-in session which would submit to my own login servlet which created a LoginContext passing it a special CallbackHandler initialized with all the needed information which could handle all kinds of custom Callback subclasses to get the info it neeed.

      Is it possible to do this? Surely someone must have realized that you often need more than just username/password to do authentication????