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    Remember me (automatic authentication)

    Rune Teigen Newbie

      Our web-application is using JAAS for authentication of users on JBoss 3.2.x. We use FORM-based authentication for the client and the built in DatabaseServerLoginModule to retrieve and verify credentials.

      Now we wish to implement remember-me functionality. By this I mean that the user has a check-box on the login page. When the check-box is selected, the the user will be automatically logged in when entering the site for the next few weeks. This is common functionality for many sites, eg gmail, yahoo, and indeed jboss.org itself. I have searched much on the topic, but have not found that there are any standard built-in way of doing this with JAAS/JBoss. Is that correct? Does anyone have experience or hints on a good solution for remember-me involving JAAS/JBoss?