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    Does security domain  restrict access from other domain?

    jaejong kim Newbie

      When jmx-console is unsecured, I can invoke ejb in deferent security/domain from console using MBean.
      But When I secure the console with domain name jmx-console, I can only look up LocalEjbHome object. If I call create method, it return null.

      When MBean start service, it configurate inself on EJB calls.
      And I need reconfiguration from console dynamic.
      It is easier than touch service.xml.

      On cases when server start or jboss-service.xml in META-INF is touched,
      it works fine.

      jboss-4.0.2 and 4.0.3 are same.

      I have to use defferent LoginModule due to password hashing.

      Thanks in advance for any tip.