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    the subject is always anonymous. Why?

    Luigi Santangelo Newbie

      Hi all, I'm Cuspide
      I'm developing an application using JAAS. I wrote my Login Module called PersonalModule (that implement LoginModule interface) and my CallbackHandler called PersonalCallbackHandler (that implement CallbackHandler Interface). The PersonalModule execute a query in a Postgres database to verify the identity. Also, I wrote a session bean called ManagerShipBean. In the ManagerShipBean's class, I implemented a method called foo() and in the setSessionContext method I printed SessionContext object (System.out.print(ctx.toString();)
      In the ejb-jar.xml file I defined two roles: Admin and GenericUser. The Admin has all provileges, the genericUser has none.






      in the client side, I wrote:
      PersonalCallbackHandler h = null;
      h = new AppCallbackHandler(names, password);
      LoginContext lc = new LoginContext("personal", handler);

      if the username and passare are correct, it works, else it trows an exception (LoginException).
      Now there is my problem: How do I tell Jboss that the user is the Admin or the GenericUser? In fact, whatever user logs in to the system, when I create the ManagerShipBean, the setSessionContext method says that the user is anonymous.