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    Default login

    Dmitry M Newbie

      Hi, all!

      I face problems with creating even the simplest configuration for a web-app to perform user authentication by default without using login-form.

      Can anyone advise me how to create custom login module for the bundle [JBoss 4.0.1RC1/Apache Tomcat 5.0.28]?
      It looks like if JBoss (Tomcat?) can't find authentication information somewhere in the context created for current web application then it redirects to login-form without any attempt to call login module.
      I even tried to configure a filter to use for my web application but the filter simply isn't called for unauthenticated user and I can't perform default login in the filter.

      Any suggestions?


      P.S. There was a mention in this forum of magic login module which can authenticate user by default but there were no instructions on how to create it. Which parameters and in which context should be set by login module to make JBoss/Tomcate recognize that default authentication data?