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    sometimes "User session not valid" but no authorization done



      sorry for double posting but I just found out that I probably used the wrong forum with the first posting.

      I am sending quite a bit of JMS messages through several queues in my system.
      From time to time it happens that I get a JMSSecurityException (listed below).

      I am doing no authorization at all, in the last run e.g. it worked for 1935 of 1936 messages, only one failed.

      What could be the problem here?


      --- Nested Exception ---
      javax.jms.JMSSecurityException: User session is not valid
      at org.jboss.mq.security.SecurityManager.authorize(SecurityManager.java:
      at org.jboss.mq.security.ServerSecurityInterceptor.authorizeWrite(Server
      at org.jboss.mq.security.ServerSecurityInterceptor.addMessage(ServerSecu
      at org.jboss.mq.server.TracingInterceptor.addMessage(TracingInterceptor.
      at org.jboss.mq.server.JMSServerInvoker.addMessage(JMSServerInvoker.java
      at org.jboss.mq.il.jvm.JVMServerIL.addMessage(JVMServerIL.java:136)
      at org.jboss.mq.Connection.sendToServer(Connection.java:1020)
      at org.jboss.mq.SpySession.sendMessage(SpySession.java:1005)
      at org.jboss.mq.SpyMessageProducer.send(SpyMessageProducer.java:265)
      at org.jboss.mq.SpyMessageProducer.send(SpyMessageProducer.java:199)
      [my classes]

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            Ok, I'll try my best:

            The OS is Suse Linux 9.2, kernel 2.6.5-7.201-smp
            The JBoss version is 3.2.6 (I am currently trying to move to 4.0, but it's not finished.)
            The database behind is oracle 10.
            There are no other warn or error messages except that I am throwing a new exception because of this error.
            The definition of the queue:

            <depends optional-attribute-name="DestinationManager">jboss.mq:service=DestinationManager


            It's not possible to reproduce the bug, it only happens from time to time, very rarely, and even the next message for the same queue works again.

            If any more information is needed, please let me know.


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              Trace level logging of the security layer would be needed around the time of the problem.