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    Ajax4JSf and RSA 7.0

    aswathy s Newbie


      I am trying to use ajax4jsf with RSA 7.0 .
      It was working well with RSA 6.0 . But when I try to insert ajax support tag into <h:inputtext > tags in RSA 7.0, I am getting an error that the support tags cannot be nexted within the input text tags.

      Ajax4JSf is not working properly in RSA 7.0 . Could you please help me on this ? It is very urgent.


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          Tsvetan Yolov Newbie


          Double check your configuration for web.xml, faces-config.xml, and import libraries. I am using RSA 7 and there is not a problem at all.

          I am with patch.

          Best Regards.

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            aswathy s Newbie


            I have uses ajax4jsf jar in my WEB-INF lib folder .
            I added the ajax4jsf filter in web.xml

            <display-name>Ajax4jsf Filter</display-name>

            <servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>

            These are the only areas I have configured.

            Following are the steps created in RSA 7.0 to create a jsp page.

            1) Create a Dynamic Web Project and selected the configuration as faces.
            2) Created a new web page.
            3) Added the ajax4jsf uri
            4) Added the input text component.
            5) tried to add the ajaxsupport for the input text tag.

            Do I have to do any more configurations ?
            Could you please help me on this ?