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    Issue of "test" module dependence on "security" module

    Anil Saldanha Master

      The SRPLoginModuleUnitTestCase uses a callbackhandler called as the "AppCallbackHandler". The SRPLoginModule constructs callback including a ByteArrayCallback that resides in the security module. But the problem in HEAD was that the AppCallbackHandler and the ByteArrayCallback reside in the test module. Hence the ByteArrayCallback resides both in the security module and the test module.

      The AppCallbackHandler checks its local ByteArrayCallback whereas the SRPLoginModule was sending the ByteArrayCallback residing in the security module.

      This whole setup is different from Branch_4_0, where the AppCallbackHandler resides in the testsuite and there are no issues.

      The issue is as follows: The SRPLoginModuleUnitTestCase will pass if the AppCallbackHandler is made to check on the ByteArrayCallback that is defined in the security module and not the local ByteArrayCallback. The issue arises in the jboss build where the j2se module is defined in the core group and will trigger a "test" module build. The security module is built as part of the "basic" group and is built later.

      To solve this, I am bringing a copy of the AppCallbackHandler back into the testsuite module and it can depend on the ByteArrayCallback in the security module.