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    Referenced file (not page itself) is shown after login

    Igor Kuzmitshov Newbie


      What I use: JBoss 4.0.3SP1, JSP, Spring 1.2.7

      I have a strange problem: if I try to access a secure URL without being logged on, I get login form, and then I am not shown the page requested, but the last file (e.g., image) mentioned on that page.

      For example, welcome.jsp refers to two files: style.css and logo.jpg (in this order). If I try to access (before login) welcome.html, I get login form. After that (successful login) I see logo.jpg (even URL in address bar is changed to logo.jpg). Then I reenter the correct URL (welcome.html) and the page is shown as it should. If I remove image from the page, then I get style.css after login.

      Probably I did something wrong configuring security. Has anybody met this behaviour?

      Thank you,