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    Multiple security domains for single webapp

    Kevin Galligan Newbie

      What I'd like to do is have 2 security domains attached to one web application. The basic idea is that the client login info will be in the database, but internal admin logins, which will rarely change, will be kept in a properties fileset.

      So that's...

      1 - UsersRolesLoginModule
      1 - DatabaseServerLoginModule

      Looking at the structure of the jboss-web.xml, it only allows for one <security-domain> tag. I just tried 2, and it threw an exception.

      I would assume one way to do this would be a custom login module that calls both internally. If this would be the preferred method, I would also assume that somebody has done this. Possible option two would be some method of configuration in the 'login-config.xml' that would do the same.

      Any thoughts?

      Thanks in advance.