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    DMZ Security

    Scott Jones Newbie

      I have a web service application that I have working in on our company network. We are planning on exposing it on the internet.

      The plans were to use ModJK and Apache in the DMZ layer. Have it forward to the web service running under JBoss 4.0.2. I have a custom JAAS login module that does everthing I need.

      This was working fine. But I need to do some layer of Authenitication in the DMZ layer.

      Does any one have a suggestion.
      The goals are to keep the business logic on the corp network.
      Just have Authenication in the DMZ layer and then forward to the internal network.
      Not to require new code per web service.

      So I need something Like modJK but that will also allow me to plug-in a custom JAAS module.