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    is org.jboss.security.srp.SRPService deprecated on 4.0.4.GA

    Alessandro Oliveira Newbie

      I've been using the SRPService as a LoginModule since jboss-4.0.4RC1, and it worked as expected, authenticating my swing application.

      Today, when I tried 4.0.4.GA I realized that jboss-srp.jar that used to be installed in server/all/lib, was not there, but the client/jboss-srp-client.jar and jbossall-client.jar still have the necessary classes to run this authentication service.

      I'd like to know if someone have any clues why this lib was not included in 4.0.4.GA installer. I digged a bit at this forum and google and didn't find anything useful.

      Now I'm downloading the zipped version in order to find out if this lib is not being compiled anymore, or if it was just left outside installer.

      Thanks for any help!

      Alessandro Oliveira