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    DatabaseServerLoginModule help

    William Newbie

      Hi all, I'm really trying to do something that allows my users w/ assigned roles to login w/ passwd through a servlet using the databaseServerLoginModule, but having a hard time understanding what to do w/ so little documentation.

      Here's what I've done so far and if someone could point me in the right direction w/ more steps, much appreciated.

      I've created tables in my postgresql database as such ...

      CREATE SEQUENCE principals_seq;
      CREATE TABLE Principals(
       principalId INT PRIMARY KEY,
       principalName VARCHAR(64)
       password VARCHAR(32)
      CREATE SEQUENCE roles_seq;
      CREATE TABLE Roles(
       roleId INT PRIMARY KEY,
       roleName VARCHAR(32),
       roleGroup VARCHAR(32)

      And I have a ~/WEB-INF/login-config.xml file like this ...

      <application-policy name="myAppName">
       <module-option name="unauthenticatedIdentity">
       <module-option name="dsJndiName">
       <module-option name="principalsQuery">
       SELECT password FROM Users WHERE principalId=?
       <module-option name="rolesQuery">
       SELECT roleId,'Roles' FROM Roles WHERE userId=?

      I'm not sure about how to use callbacks within a servlet but I think I'm supposed to do this in my apps MVC controller. I made a LoginController, but as you can see, I don't really understand the details here yet.

      CallbackHandler handler = new MyHandler();
      LoginContext lc = new LoginContext("some-config", handler);
      try {
       Subject subject = lc.getSubject();
      catch (LoginException le) {
       System.out.println("authentication failed");

      Any more details here? Any help much appreciated.