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    security realm per application jboss, weblogic, websphere

    senthil kumar Newbie

      In JBoss, we can configure multiple security realms, we can have multiple applications and each application can use different security realm.

      We are able to mention realm name in security-domain element in jboss-web.xml in our application

      In weblogic, websphere also we can create multiple security realms, but only one realm can be active realm. And all applications will use that same realm. I believe that there is no way to use different realms for different applications.

      I googled long time, and I could not find equivalent element(for security-domain) in weblogic and websphere. And their forums also poor.

      Is it possible in weblogic, websphere? I believe that JBoss server developers might know this(anil.saldhana@jboss.com, adrian@jboss.org scott.stark@jboss.org, and many). Please tell me,

      If not, what is the use of enterprise products, platforms, jrocket, ibm jdk, studio, ...