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    Authenticating User Names With

    K Van Eyk Newbie

      JBOSS AS 4.0.4cr2
      client - windows xp
      server -windows server 2003
      ldap - active directory

      I have configured a few login modules (simple, user, ldap.) All work fine except when I attemp to authenticate a user name with a "." - our user names are typically first.last, so this presents a bit of a problem. (In testing user names without "." in them work.) So far, the tests have consisted of simple web pages with security constraints against application policies defined in the default login-config.xml, including the out of the box "other" realm.

      Since the behavior seemed consistent across different login modules I thought I would ask - has anyone else encountered this? If so, any reccomendations? (I know, change our user naming convention! but I only control so much....)

      Thanks for the help,