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    Feature Requests for users dealing with migration

    Anil Saldanha Master

      Want to dedicate this thread to all users who when migrating from other application servers to JEMS, face issues because JBoss Security does not implement a feature that the other application server provided. This thread is for Security related requests only.

      Points to note:
      1) We will evaluate your requests based on suitability and general applicability before entering them into our issue tracking system.
      2) This thread is not for user questions. Create separate threads.

      Users should try to follow the following format:

      I am trying to migrate my application from Application Server X to JBoss version y (if they are very old versions, you will be ignored). I find that JBoss security does not implement this feature (describe the feature) which the app server X provides.
      - (Describe any use cases you have)