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    Paul Andrews Newbie

      I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this as it spans Drools and authorization.

      Basically I was wondering if there would be any mileage in using Drools to evaluate XACML policies. XACML policies are basically a set of rules. Drools is a rules evaluation engine, so in my naivete it seems like there might be some kind of synergy there.

      Note I'm not really concerned with the specific representation that XACML uses (i.e the XML schema it uses), rather I'm interested in evaluating the rules it expresses (OK. I might also be interested in a somewhat more human-readable version of XACML - it could always be translated to XACML for rule interchange purposes if necessary).

      I know that you have had discussions about applying security to DROOLs, but I'm turning this around and wondering if you could use DROOLs as a PDP.