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    EJB SecurityDomain across servers

    Andrew Steeley Newbie

      So, I've got a MDB on one server that wants to call an EJB3 on another server. The EJB3 is secured with a SecurityDomain on its server and I want the MDB to be able to call the EJB3 with a role as per the security-identity, run-as, etc. tags, but, of course, the EJB's SecurityDomain doesn't exist on the MDB's server

      Now, both servers do have access to the same database that stores login information. So, I tried to just set up another SecurityDomain on the MDB's server of the same name, hitting the same database, but that didn't work (AuthorizationFailures where principal=null and principalRoles=null)

      Is there a general approach for "sharing" JAAS security domains across servers in situations like these? I don't want to hardcode a u/p into my MDB for its EJB calls.

      All servers are JBoss 4.0.4.GA