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    Using j_security_check with a custom Principal , a custom Ca

    emailms box Newbie

      Hear me out, I'll make it short
      I need username, password and kuku as parameters in my CallbackHandler and my LoginModule

      when I initiate a login using my CallbackHandler MyPrincipal to my facades local or remote
      like this

      MyLoginHandler login = new MyLoginHandler(new MyPrincipal( username, kuku),password);
      loginContext = new LoginContext("my-login",login);

      all is good

      but when I try the "full Monty" meaning web and EJB with auth-method FORM (j_security_check) I of course fail ,
      since the CallbackHandler that I get in my login module is a with a SimplePrincipal
      and this SimplePrincipal is missing the extra parameter

      So my problem is to pass the extra parameter to the my LoginModule
      how do I get the j_security_check to take the extra paramenter and pass it on . in some way

      I looked at the ExtendedFormAuthenticator but I do not see how could did help me.
      since I do not use a filter

      So be a sport and H-E-L-P