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    rmi over https

    Lise E Newbie

      I have an old server/client application where communication is done with rmi. My server-part is running on jboss. I create an instance of the RMIServerInvoker and then bind to the rmi registry which is then created at port 3455. This all works well and my client is able to connect to my server at rmi://my_server_ip:3544/server

      But I need to secure the rmi with ssl. I think I need to tunnell the rmi over http. Everything I find when I do a search is about ejb's. I don't use ejb's. This is an old application that I just want to get running on jboss and in a secure way. What is the easies way for me to tunnell the rmi over http?

      Please, please, please someone answer me! Thank you :)