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    Two questions about DatabaseServerLoginModule

    Eric Yu Newbie

      I have two questions about DatabaseServerLoginModule :
      1. After successfully authenticated by using DatabaseServerLoginModule, How can I get the current authenticated user in my web application (or servlet),just like LoginContext.getSubject()?
      2. about principalsQuery: The prepared statement query must equivalent to: ?select Password from Principals where PrincipalID=??. Can I specify more information, just like ?select Password,username,DriverCardId from Principals where PrincipalID=??

      My logon.jsp just as the following:

      <fmt:message key="TitleLogon"/>

      <%@ include file="/template/banner.jsp" %>

      <h3><fmt:message key="Logon"/> <fmt:message key="Submit"/>.</h3>
      <form action="j_security_check" method=post>

      <fmt:message key="CustomerId"/>

      <fmt:message key="Password"/>

      <input type="submit" value="<fmt:message key="Submit"/>">