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    Single Sign on

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      Hello all,

      We have multiple webapps and each run on their own instances of JBOSS 4.0.3. We want to have a single sign on, so that a user logs into one web app and wants to go to another webapp, the user does not have to log in again.
      From reading other posting in this forum, it seems that all the instances of webapp running in different instances of JBOSS needs to be in a clustered environment.
      Also we need session replication i.e. session data from one webapp needs to copied over when the user moves between webapps.

      Can anyone please tell me how this can be achieved or point me to any documentation.

      Also I had a look at JOSSO, but from what I can see it does not support session replication between webapps.


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          If you are using BASIC-Authentication you could put an Apache with mod_jk in front of the two JBosses. Than the browser would lock into the second webapp automatically because it is available from the same url.