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    Invalid Principal getting db connection

    kiuma Newbie

      I'm having the following problem:

      I'm using a servlet to connect to a remote EJB,
      The servlet can choose the server where the EJB is located, so I create an InitialContext setting its environment.
      Then SessionEjb method is called and it performs some operation on DB.

      And this works!

      Problems arise because I've implemented a sort of failover: if the method of SessionBean fails on server A its catch clause il tries to do the same operation on server B, but on server B instantiating a new InitialContext and getting the interface from it.

      I can access the method on server B from A but when I try to open the db connection I get and Invalid principal exception.

      The strange thing is that if I access the same method fom the servlet I've no Exceptions.

      The servlet is located for both cases on server C.

      Could someone tell me why I have this problem ?

      Thanks in advance,