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    Random 408 Error in clustered environment

    wdemoss Newbie

      I am experiencing a random 408 error trying to log into a clustered environment behind a load-balancer using FORM authentication.

      JBoss version 4.0.3SP1
      The login uses form based authentication.
      JAAS login module is a custom module.

      On a non-clustered single server environment it works fine.
      When I turn on sticky sessions on the load balancer it works fine for the clustered environment.
      Clustering works fine for other cases.

      I suspect that the initial request hits server A which returns the form with the newly created session and its sessionId is on the login page. Then, the form is submitted to server B, which doesn't have the newly created session id.

      After the login attempt is successful the authenticated principal is replicated successfully on the other server.

      Is there some special configuration for JAAS to get the newly created session for the login form to replicate?

      Thanks for any advice or help.