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    Sharing sign on between two JBoss AS instances

    Martin Hinmann Newbie

      Good day!

      I have two JBoss application servers (versions 4.0.2 and 4.0.4) running on a single machine, on different ports. On those, I run different applications, but the applications are used by the same users with the same credentials.

      I need the servers to share the login process somehow, so that once user logs in to either of them, he or she is automatically recognized by the other. (Or possibly the login process could just be shared.)

      I have consulted the faq, google, wikis, and the manual, but came up without ideas; I am still rather a newbie to JBoss and authentication processes.

      Is it possible to achieve this just by configuring JAAS, without a third-party single sign on software, such as JOSSO? If yes, (or perhaps also if no,) could you please provide some relevant information?

      Thank you for your time,