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    Help with Logout

    Arvind J Newbie

      I have a struts application on JBOSS in whcih I have a logout button which points to "logout.do".

      In the logout Action, I invalidate the session.

      In my struts-config.xml i have this configuration for logout action:

       <forward name="success" path="/home.html"/>

      The reason I have the forward to "home.html" is because I want the user to come back to home once he logs back in.
      I was hoping that JAAS security would kick in and show the login page after the user clicks on "logout" button.
      But this does not happen. When the user clicks on "logout", the session is invalidated and the home.html page is shown to the user. Only when the user tries something on this page, he gets the login page.

      Is there something wrong I am doing?

      Please advise.