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    Showing a secured page when user is logged in

    Reinhard Kiesswetter Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      We am working on a completly new portal.
      We use JBOSS AS 4.0.4 and JBOSS Portal 2.4.

      In the default-object.xml we define a couple of pages including one "Admin" page. This page is secured with a security-constraint (see code below).

      Via an self written login portlet we populate our user with principals and roles (eighter from LDAP Servers or a relational database).

      As we log in as admin and the user has the role "Admin" i hoped the page with the security-contraint would be display, but it is not!!

      Am I missing something? I read throug this forum, the wiki and the adminguide and did not find a solution for this problem.

      Some hint would be nice
      thx rkiesi

      Here the code form the default-object.xml


      and the principals and roles of the user after login
      Principals for user admin: admin***Roles(members:Admin)***