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    How to get to the ajax4jsf client log? [new]

    Martin Taal Newbie

      Sorry my copy paste action of the a4j:log output made the other topic unreadable. Therefore this new topic.

      Some conclusions I can see from the output of a4j:log:
      - In the echo textbox I type in the characters: abc
      - The outputtext does not show these characters.
      - However, the html displayed in the a4j:log contains these new characters.

      So it seems that the correct information is returned from the server but not displayed.

      Here is the last part from the log, maybe this is related to the issue?

      Header Ajax-Response not found, search in
      debug[20:06:30,883]: search for elements by name 'meta' in element #document
      debug[20:06:30,890]: getElementsByTagName found 1
      debug[20:06:30,891]: Find
      debug[20:06:30,892]: Header Ajax-Expired not found, search in
      debug[20:06:30,892]: search for elements by name 'meta' in element #document
      debug[20:06:30,900]: getElementsByTagName found 1
      debug[20:06:30,900]: Find
      warn[20:06:30,901]: No ajax response header
      debug[20:06:30,902]: Header Location not found, search in
      debug[20:06:30,902]: search for elements by name 'meta' in element #document
      debug[20:06:30,909]: getElementsByTagName found 1
      debug[20:06:30,910]: Find
      debug[20:06:30,911]: replace all page content with response
      debug[20:06:30,911]: call getElementById for id= org.ajax4jsf.oncomplete
      debug[20:06:31,060]: exception during write page content undefined
      debug[20:06:31,068]: response has parsed as DOM documnet.

      gr. Martin