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    RoleMappingLoginModule with rule: *=role1, role2

    Frank Cornelis Apprentice

      RoleMappingLoginModule makes sense when the user already has a (JAAS JBoss specific) role. The funny thing here is that, before your are capable of using RoleMappingLoginModule, the user already must have a (JAAS JBoss specific) role assigned by a login module. Thus the initial JAAS LoginModule already needs to be JBoss-aware (because of the role replacement by RoleMappingLoginModule).

      How can I add a role to an authenticated user when he/she has been authenticated by a generic JAAS (i.e. non-JBoss aware) login module? I don't want to pollute my generic JAAS login module with JBoss specific stuff (the 'Roles' group thingy).