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    JBoss authentication not responding after few hours

    Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

      JBoss version = 4.0.1 SP1
      Hello there! We're using JBoss JAAS support in our application. After we deploy our application in production environment and with heavy load (~1000 concurrent users) login authentication stop responding. Users that are authenticated can use the application, but new users do not get a response, the request is timed out before they can login. This causes a huge queue in our tomcat, it shows that every single one of the 900 connections available are waiting for a response from j_security_check. It seems to be a deadlock somewhere. Could someone point me to the right direction?
      We are using a 4x processor machine with plenty of RAM (we are not having any problems with memories or GC) also we have 500 connections to the DB, no problem with connections either.

      Best regards