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    Silent Authentication with IE / NegotiateLoginModule

    Andreas Wieczorek Newbie


      I've been playing around with the NegotiateLoginModule as it's described in the Wiki. What I found out and found worthy to tell, I added in the Wiki Page (like I promised to Anil in Berlin :).

      Is anybody else working on / playing with that? Will it make its way into a GA release one day? Isn´t it such an interesting feature that a lot of people must be interested in?

      At the moment, it only properly seems to support authentication (not authorization), but the authorization part seems easy to add (the ldap way..).

      What I don´t like with it at the moment is that there seems to be just too much communication with the ADS (authentication with every request), is someone planing to make it smarter concerning that (or perhaps might have even done this)?