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    HowTo Link LDAP-Group with Roles?

    Nix lkasd Newbie


      I spend nearly the whole day, reading tutorials, forums and books... I finally got my authentication working but am stuck with the authorization.

      I can login, but am getting - reasonably - a 403 error.

      I'm originally coming from WebSphere where the EAR links the LDAP-Groups with the JAAS roles with a ibm-application-bnd.xmi.
      But how can I make it on Jboss???

      I set up login-config.xml, application.xml (ear), jboss-web.xml and web.xml to make the authentication happen. Any other file to edit/add?

      Thanks in advantage for you help!


       <security-role id="user">
       <security-role id="poweruser">
       <security-role id="admin">
       <description>Admin User</description>

      web.xml (extract)

      !-- Security Config -->
       <realm-name>Kasko Login</realm-name>
       <!-- Security Contraints -->
       <!-- Security Roles -->