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    Extra files in .sar

    Dipali K Newbie

      I have built a custom login module and trying to deploy it as a .sar.
      The directory structure is like
      -----class files
      ----required jar files

      This all works fine. If a put the above sar in ..\deply folder it is deplyed correctly.

      Suppose I want to add some other files i.e txt files. I have tried to add it to the sar in various location but it is not available at runtime.

      Any idea if and how I can do that ?

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          Dipali K Newbie

          Actually I did find a solution to this.
          <local-directory path="xxx">entry explainedas follows :
          <!-- The optional path attribute gives the prefix of the sar entries that should be copied into the data directory. If it is not specified the entire sar contents will be placed into the data directory. -->

          This actually put my txt files into server/$config/data folder. The only question remaining is that is it the right way to resolve this issue ?

          Is it the right usage of the <local-directory> element ?