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    Custom Caches Per Security Domain

    Evan Schnell Newbie

      I am looking for an example of how one might set different CachePolicies, or at least different timeouts, for different application-policies. I am unable to find anything other than a brief mention of AuthenticationCacheJndiName in the documentation.

      My main application-policy governs web user access using a subclass of HttpServletRequestLoginModule. At the same time I have an application-policy using SecureIdentityLoginModule to allow encrypted passwords for each of my datasources. The user authentication policy needs to have a very short timeout so changes to user rights are reflected rather quickly. However, the database passwords won't change outside a server restart so theoretically I should never expire them.

      Stress testing is showing problems with JaasSecurityManager.updateCache when the datasources are under load; even with the fix for http://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBAS-3141 in place. Tuning the caching seems like a good option.