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    invoker/JNDIFactory and SSO (Custom) (HTTP Tunneling to remo

    jimbrady Newbie

      I was hoping can help me with a problem I have had with using HTTP Tunneling for a Java Application (not an Applet) calling EJB remote methods.

      The problem I get is that the tunneling uses separate sessions, and those used for the RMI calls do not get passed the principle established by the get context calls. From searches on the FORUM I know that others have had similar problems.

      One suggested solution was to use an explicit session Id in calling the servlet, but how do I find a session id to use in my case (an independent Java Application)?

      I ended up getting it working by overriding org.jboss.invocation.http.interfaces.Util and adding the cookies to method invoke. But this is a horrible solution as it has potential class loader problems and needs to be redone each time JBOSS is updated.

      JBOSS - is a better solution in the pipeline?