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    Doubts about the authenticaton process

    Marcos Antonio Novice

      - JBoss 4.2.0GA

      Hello, everybody!
      I have my own database with my users and their passwords already encrypted. So I want to write a custom login module to do the authentication, but as I'm new to Java EE and JBoss I'm with the following doubts to proceed:

      - How do I link the username and password typed on a web page to the custom login module? I mean how do I pass the username and password to the login module?

      - How do I have control about when JBoss do the authentication. I mean, I just want JBoss do the authentication when I fire it (after, of course, a button in my login page is pressed).

      I know that these should be basic doubts, but I would like to have your help with it as I'm new to it in JBoss and Java EE.

      Thank you.