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    Cross domain links

    Thiago Marafon Newbie

      I'm using JBoss Federated SSO 1.0 CR1. But the SSO is not working for normal links. The links with "/federate?target=" work fine.
      Did I miss anything?

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          Thiago Marafon Newbie

          the documentation wasn't updated..
          It was missing the router declaration...

          The complete context.xml must be like:

          <?xml version="1.0"?>
           <!-- a federation routing valve -->
           This valve eliminates the need for cross domain federation links
           to be of the form /federate?target={some link in the other domain}
           With this link, your link can be straight to the resource in the
           other domain
           <Valve className="org.jboss.security.valve.SSOFederationRouter"/>
           logoutURL - URL for performing logout/signout function in your application
           <Valve className="org.jboss.security.valve.SSOAutoLogout"
           logoutURL="logoff.jsp" />
           assertingParty - this is the partnerId of this application as a part of a federation of multiple partner sites
           <Valve className="org.jboss.security.valve.SSOTokenManager"
           assertingParty="SEG" />
           tomcat built-in AuthenticationTypes: FORM,BASIC,DIGEST,CLIENT-CERT
           <Valve className="org.jboss.security.valve.SSOAutoLogin"
           authType="FORM" />