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    Portal Login Problems

    Nicholas Iffrig Newbie

      I am using Jboss/portal bundle 2.6. I have configured portal to authenticate through JOSSO and I am getting some odd results. Users are able to log in, however, when logged in as a normal authenticated user the dashboard link throws a 403 error. I can't figure out why the user credentials are not being passed along. Also, when logged in as a user with the 'Admin' role the user portlet shows all of the correct options, yet the header still only shows the 'login' link. Does anyone have a clue as to why the header wouldn't pick up on the correct user credentials? From what I understand since JOSSO uses the JAAS stack that these operations should be handled fairly transparently in the bacground. It seems odd that it would detect the user in one instance but not in another. I'll keep hacking at it and keep you posted. Any ideas are much appreciated.

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          Nicholas Iffrig Newbie

          I have found out that If i add a user to the portal database the correct information will show up in the header when logged in through josso. Still, the dashboard links do not work (except for the logout which i changed to point to JOSSO's logout) Also users, with the 'Admin' role do not get admin options in the header.

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            Nicholas Iffrig Newbie

            Also, users that are added via the user/admin portlet will not authenticate when logging in through JOSSO. I don't expect them to, but it seems odd that they need to be in the database for the header to recognize them. I feel like i'm missing a major piece of the puzzle, or perhaps portal and JOSSO don't work as well together as one would expect.

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              Nicholas Iffrig Newbie

              The problem appears to be that the dashboard objects are not being created for each user. I figured this was because Portal wasn't synching with the JOSSO database. I added the SynchronizingLoginModule to the 'portal' application policy


              <login-module code="org.jboss.portal.identity.auth.SynchronizingLoginModule" flag="optional">
               <module-option name="synchronizeIdentity">true</module-option>
               <module-option name="synchronizeRoles">true</module-option>
               <module-option name="additionalRole">Authenticated</module-option>
               <module-option name="defaultAssignedRole">User</module-option>
               <module-option name="userModuleJNDIName">java:/portal/UserModule</module-option>
               <module-option name="roleModuleJNDIName">java:/portal/RoleModule</module-option>
               <module-option name="membershipModuleJNDIName">java:/portal/MembershipModule</module-option>
               <module-option name="userProfileModuleJNDIName">java:/portal/UserProfileModule</module-option>

              This is the only login module that I have configured for portal's policy, Since josso handles the acutal authentication and has a seperate policy in jboss' login-config. However, I have had no such luck there. Portal still doesn't seem to be actually using this module. Users that are created in the JOSSO database do not show up in the roles portlet after loging them in and then later viewed with the admin user portlet.

              I have also abandoned the bundled 2.6 and switched to Jboss AS 4.2 and am using the SVN checkout from July 17, 2007 (I read of a problem with dashboard objects not being created in the stable bundle for some Oracle configurations a fix for which was checked into subversion) At this point I am completely stumped. Any clues would be greatly appreciated.